PEP Suspension East Coast

PEP - Performance Engineered Products

Baldwin Motorsports is the official East Coast distributor of PEP Suspension and other PEP products. We are the only PEP certified service and repair department aside from the PEP headquarters in California. Don't send your parts to a company that does not know your shocks. Send your suspension to our trusted experts to be properly serviced and repaired inhouse.


PEP Shocks Honda 450rAre your shocks slowing your down and keeping you from winning races? PEP Shocks are used by thousands of riders in every class including Pro. All PEP Shocks are engineered for ATV Racing with winning in mind.


Shocks are similar to engines in the respect that they both use oil and both need maintainance. ATV racing puts more strain on your shocks and therefore they need periodic maintance. Send your shocks to Baldwin Motorsports today for a service so your shocks are long-lasting and provide you with that extra competative edge that every racer strives for.

OEM Shock Conversion



New ATV racers are almost always on a tight budget and try to save money where possible with minimal performance loss. OEM shocks are usually not race-ready, but converting them to race-ready shocks is a great way to save money and still stay competative. When you send your OEM shocks to Baldwin Motorsports, we modify them to accept Ohlin valving shims and set them up for your particular application.